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Below are our camera bodies that we use  for both stills and video production with a short description of each camera body.

Sony A7iii - This camera is Sony's biggest selling full frame mirrorless.

Sony A7Rii - This camera is a pure high resolution with 42mp, 5 axis image stabilization, and full frame, this is a beast.

Sony A6300 - This camera is a APS-C sensor camera. For fast frame rate pictures and videos


Below are the native camera lenses for our Sony camera bodies.  These are mostly a collection of FE (Full Frame E mount) lenses. These lenses are superior in regards to autofocus, sharpness and performance on Sony bodies.  

Sony 85mm f/1.4 G Master (FE)-  This lens has exceptional sharpness and the best circular bokeh and defocus characteristics.

Sony Zeiss 35mm f/1.4 (FE)- This lens with wide aperture is excellent choice for wide angle portraits and videography.  

Sony 16-35 f/4 Zeiss (FE)- This lens is a great choice for wide angle shot at weddings, landscape and architectural photography.  

Sony 24-70 G Master f/2.8 (FE) lens- This is one of the best all around lenses that Sony offers.  It's very sharp and is one of the fundamental lenses for wedding photography.

Sony 70-200mm f/2.8 G Master (FE) lens - The rendering of background and bokeh production that this lens produces is absolutely stunning. Great lens for weddings and portrait photography.

Sony 50mm f/1.8 crop sensor lens- this is a good choice lens for portraits.


The Mavic from DJI packs features you once thought possible only on much larger platforms into a compact quadcopter that is snappy, agile, and captures high-resolution images and videos. 


Below are our  on  and off camera flash systems, LED lights that we uses.  

Flashpoint Xplor 600 High Speed Sync Monolights

Strobeam G-5 EID 500 3G Ready 500W/s Studio Flash  kit with built in trigger device for power Control & Flash Trigger.

Flashpoint Speedlights

ikan Rayden RW10 Daylight 1 x 1 Studio & Field LED Lights


Westcott and Impact 7ft umbrellas with diffusion fabric

Phottix Solas Softbox  36 x 48" 

Impact Luxbanx Duo Extra Large Rectangular Softbox (54 x 72")

Godox 35x160cm 14"x63" Strip Beehive Honeycomb Grid Softbox

Along with above we use beauty dish, octaboxes


Nisi and Lee Filters

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