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Photography - An Exquisite Retrospection!

Change is inevitable, the absolute truth that drives our universe. That doesn’t always mean it is for the worse. They are good in a way; it helps us evolve. Life teaches us ways to love the changes or at least get used to them, eventually! Years down the lane, when you are sipping down a hot cup of coffee with your beloved wife enjoying the beautiful sunset, don’t you think the changes that your embraced, endured, accepted and loved is a good topic of discussion? May be your memory might struggle to remember the cream layer of experiences, it might need a little hand holding to walk you down that path again. Sometimes you need some help to rediscover the person you were, to remember the achievements you had, the relationships you cared for, the life experiences you collected through the voyage of life.

Along the journey of life there goes another inseparable entity – moments. Capturing those emotions or moments in life give birth to the most creatively beautiful concept, Photography!

Life runs, it just runs. The truth is that no one can be happy always. People might say they are always happy, but common! We experience all kind of emotions, that is what emotions are for, meant to be experienced. I believe in the concept of living life to the fullest though, or at least the fullest possible. May be capturing those snapshots of life where you lived your life to the fullest pulls you out of those bad times.

A good photographer can make a photograph gloat. I am sure you have no idea what I meant. A well calculated snap can make a person look happier than he actually is, or sadder than he actually was, or maybe make a person look more charming than he actually is in real life. I think you now got the concept I implied. That is the power of photography. It can not only capture what your feeling, it can emphasize and glorify it. It preserves a little fragment of your life that is worth remembering, forever!

By Rahul.

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